Update 6/27/2020:

As our venues began to reopen, San Antonio Nerd Night had scheduled a Nerd Night event for Sunday, June 28 at Knight Watch Games. Today, the City of San Antonio alerted residents that virus spread was continuing to increase unchecked and that our hospital system was at risk of overload. Knight Watch Games has sensibly altered their hours and shop policies. The Nerd Night planned for Sunday, June 28th, has been cancelled. Please stay home, practice social distancing if you must go out, and wear a mask. We want to see everyone back at our events once it is safe to gather.

For the foreseeable future, due to Covid-19, San Antonio Nerd Night has reduced it’s schedule down to one Nerd Night a month.  This will be hosted on the 4th Sunday at our old haunt, Knight Watch.  The hours are being reduced to 2 PM to 6 PM.  Social distancing, when possible, and face mask rules are in place, so bring your nerdiest face mask, a donation, and your board games.

When things do start to return to normal, we will continue having our events on the first Thursday at Cherrity Bar, which has some great food and if you haven’t joined us for that venue yet, we highly encourage it.  We will announce here when those events start up again.

We will also be changing one of our regular venues and dates.  What was originally our 2nd Friday at Geekdom is going to be moving to 2nd Saturday at a new venue partner, Tabletop Generals and we look forward to holding events there soon.  Tabletop Generals is in a shopping center surrounded by restaurants and is also San Antonio’s first tabletop tavern, where you can purchase both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It’s a unique location and we look forward to many late Saturday nights.  Tabletop Generals is a great partner already and there will be a bin located at the store for donations to our monthly charities, so you can make a donation even if you can’t make our events.  Look for the Nerd Night bin when you enter the store, it should be straight in front of you.

During these difficult times, we want to encourage everyone to shop local and visit all of our venue partners.  Knight Watch has regular hours and Cherrity Bar is still serving up some delicious food and drink.  And our newest partner, Tabletop Generals, has tables ready and waiting for your games.