Gaming for Good

Gamers, and tabletop gamers especially, have a unique perspective on working together and caring about their community. The games we play, whether they be RPG, cooperative board games, competitive strategy games, humorous games, card games, dice games, social party games… they all build relationships and friendships among the people who play together. Game nights strengthen families, bridge cultural barriers, and are a truly level playing field for people of all backgrounds. Our goal at San Antonio Nerd Night is to take that one step further. We intend to project the goodwill and generosity of the gaming community onto the San Antonio area at large.

San Antonio Nerd Night is a group of tabletop gamers working together to change their community. Join us at a Nerd Night and see what we’re all about!

We will do this by partnering monthly with non-profits and charities in the San Antonio area that have a primarily local footprint – meaning they help our neighbors, so the money and goods collected will mostly stay right here. Our focus is on social change: feeding the hungry, helping the disadvantaged, and protecting our most vulnerable citizens. We hope to make an impact on San Antonio by simply gathering to combine our resources, raising awareness and having fun doing it.