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    Thank you for your interest in San Antonio Nerd Night! Your willingness to help grow this community is very much appreciated. We know your time is valuable and filling out this form does not obligate you in any way. If you only want to attend events and play games, that's great! These events couldn't happen without people showing up to fill the seats. Thank you!

    Important Notice:

    This information is kept confidential and is available only to Nerd Night organizers.

    If you are approached regarding a project and are unable to complete it for any reason, please let the organizer know as soon as possible and it will be reassigned. Every volunteer opportunity with San Antonio Nerd Night is optional. Please give every opportunity careful consideration and refrain from accepting any project outside your availability or skill set.

    Certain tasks may include requests for work or experience samples prior to assignment, and in some cases, may be subject to a vote (i.e. artwork, design, web work, etc.)

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    Charity Outreach and ResearchEvent Planning and HostingFundraisingGraphic DesignPromotions and Social MediaTeaching Games to ChildrenTeaching Games to AdultsWelcoming/Greeting New People

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